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However, for some, there may be times when, for a variety of reasons, their ability to keep themselves safe and protect their wellbeing and rights is compromised.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the four HCAFs are committed to safeguarding adults in line with relevant national legislation, and relevant national and local guidelines. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe will safeguard adults by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps all adults safe.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe will develop a culture of zero tolerance of harm to adults, which necessitates:\u003c/p\u003e\n\n\n\n\n\u003cul\u003e\u003cli\u003ethe recognition of adults who may be at risk and the circumstances which may increase\u0026nbsp; risk\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eknowing how adult abuse, exploitation or neglect manifests itself\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003ebeing willing to report safeguarding concerns.\u003c/li\u003e\u003c/ul\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThis extends to recognising and reporting harm experienced anywhere, including within our activities, within other organised activities, in the community, in the person’s own home and in any care setting. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the four HCAFs are committed to best safeguarding practice and to uphold the rights of all adults to live a life free from harm from abuse, exploitation and neglect. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThe purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the commitment of UK Athletics and the four HCAFs to safeguard adults and to ensure that everyone involved in our sport is aware of:\u003c/p\u003e\n\n\n\u003cul\u003e\u003cli\u003ethe legislation, policy and procedures for safeguarding adults\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003etheir role and responsibility for safeguarding adults \u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003ewhat to do or who to speak to if they have a concern relating to the welfare or wellbeing of\u0026nbsp;an adult within the organisation.\u003c/li\u003e\u003c/ul\u003e\n\n\u003cp\u003ePOLICY STATEMENT \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the four HCAFs believe everyone has the right to live free from abuse or neglect, regardless of age, ability, disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or gender status. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and an open, listening culture where people feel able to share concerns without fear of retribution. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe collectively acknowledge that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and we are committed to the prevention of abuse and neglect through safeguarding the welfare of all adults involved in our sport. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the four HCAFs recognise that health, wellbeing, ability, disability and need for care and support can affect a person’s resilience. We recognise that some people experience barriers, for example, to communication in raising concerns or seeking help. We recognise that these factors can vary at different points in people’s lives. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe recognise that there is a legal framework within which sports need to work to safeguard adults who have needs for care and support, and for protecting those who are unable to take action to protect themselves. We will act in accordance with the relevant safeguarding adult legislation and with local statutory safeguarding procedures.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eActions taken by UK Athletics and the four HCAFs will be consistent with the principles of adult safeguarding, ensuring that any action taken is prompt, proportionate and that it includes and respects the voice of the adult concerned.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eAPPLICATION \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThis Adult Safeguarding Policy and associated procedures apply to all individuals involved in UK Athletics and the four HCAFs, and to all concerns about the safety of adults whilst involved in our respective organisations. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eFor the avoidance of doubt this includes board members, staff, coaches, officials, volunteers, members, affiliated clubs, senior managers, participants in events operating under a UKA or Home Country licence, individuals or organisations contracted to, or whose services are engaged to deliver programmes and courses on behalf of UKA or a Home Country, and anyone working within the sport (in a paid or voluntary capacity), whether as an employee or on a self-employed basis. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe expect our partner organisations, including suppliers and sponsors, to adopt and demonstrate their commitment to the principles and practice as set out in this Adult Safeguarding Policy and associated procedures\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eCOMMITMENTS\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eTo implement this policy, UK Athletics and the four HCAFs will ensure:\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• everyone involved in athletics is aware of the safeguarding adult procedures and knows \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e what to do and who to contact if they have a concern relating to the safety or wellbeing of \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e an adult\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• any concern that an adult is not safe is taken seriously, responded to promptly, and \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e followed up in line with this policy and associated procedures.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• the wellbeing of those at risk of harm will be put first and the adult actively supported to \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e communicate their views and the outcomes they want to achieve. Those views and wishes \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e will be respected and supported unless there are overriding reasons not to (see the Adult \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Safeguarding Procedures)\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• any actions taken will respect the rights and dignity of all those involved and be \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e proportionate to the risk of harm \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns are maintained \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e and securely stored in line with our Data Protection Policy and Procedures \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• accordance with best practice advice; for example, from UK Sport, Sport England, Sport \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Wales, sportscotland, Sport Northern Ireland, National Governing Bodies, NSPCC, Ann \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Craft Trust and Children 1st \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• cooperation with the Police and the relevant Local Authorities in taking action to safeguard \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e an adult \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• all board members, staff, coaches, officials and volunteers within UK Athletics and the four \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e HCAFs understand their role and responsibility for safeguarding adults, and have \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e completed and are up to date with safeguarding adult training and learning opportunities \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e appropriate for their role \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• the use of safe recruitment practices and continual assessment of the suitability of \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e volunteers and staff in order to prevent the employment/deployment of unsuitable \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e individuals in our organisation and within the athletics community \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• a sharing of information with the appropriate bodies about anyone found to be a risk to \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e adults; for example: Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland, Police, Local \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Authority/Social Services \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• the inclusion of a risk assessment when planning activities and events as to the safety of \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e all adults from abuse, exploitation and neglect \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• actions taken under this policy are reviewed by the Safeguarding Case Management \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Group, respective governing body Boards and senior management teams on an annual \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e basis \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• this policy, related policies and the associated Adult Safeguarding Procedures are \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e reviewed on a two-yearly basis by UK Athletics in conjunction with the four HCAFs via the \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Case Management Group, and whenever there are changes in relevant legislation and/or \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e government guidance as required by the Local Safeguarding Board, UK Sport, Sport \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland and/or National Governing Bodies, or as a result \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e of any other significant change or event\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eIMPLEMENTATION \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the four HCAFs are committed to developing and maintaining a capability to implement this policy and its procedures. In order to do so, the following will be in place: \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• A Lead Safeguarding Officer in each HCAF and at UK Athletics \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• A Safeguarding Case Management Group incorporating UK Athletics and the four HCAFs, \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e with an appointed Chair and clear Terms of Reference \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• A clear line of accountability within the relevant governing body for the safety and wellbeing \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e of all adults \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Access to relevant legal and professional advice \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Regular management reports from the Safeguarding Case Management Group to the \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e relevant governing body Board, detailing how risks to adult safeguarding are being \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e addressed and how any reports have been addressed \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Aligned adult safeguarding procedures that deal effectively with any concerns of abuse or \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e neglect, including those caused through poor practice \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Arrangements to work effectively with other relevant organisations to safeguard and \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e promote the welfare of adults, including arrangements for sharing information\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Codes of conduct for all relevant roles and individuals that specify zero tolerance of abuse \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e in any form \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Risk assessments that specifically include safeguarding of adults \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Policies and procedures that address the following areas and which are consistent with this \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Adult Safeguarding Policy: \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Child safeguarding policy and procedures \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Bullying \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Social media \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Equality, diversity and inclusion \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Codes of conduct \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Discipline and grievance \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Concerns and complaints \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Whistleblowing \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Safe recruitment and selection of staff and volunteers \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Information policy, data protection and information sharing \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e? Adult Safeguarding Procedures (Responding to and managing a concern about an \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e adult). \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eEQUALITY \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eUK Athletics and the HCAFs endorse the principle of equality and will strive to ensure that everyone who wishes to be involved in athletics (in all its disciplines and forms): \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• has a genuine and equal opportunity to participate to the full extent of their own ambitions and abilities, without regard to their age, sex, gender identity, disability, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, race, socio-economic status or sexual orientation \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected and that they are able to enjoy their sport without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment or abuse.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eSECTION 2: SUPPORTING INFORMATION \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eKEY POINTS\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• There is a Legal duty on Local Authorities to provide support to ‘adults at risk’.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Adults at risk are defined in legislation and the criteria applied differs between each Home \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e Country (see definitions for each Home Country in Table 1).\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The safeguarding legislation applies to all forms of abuse that harm a person’s wellbeing. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The law provides a framework for good practice in safeguarding that makes the overall \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e wellbeing of the adult at risk a priority of any intervention. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The law in all four Home Countries emphasises the importance of person-centred \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e safeguarding. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The law provides a framework for making decisions on behalf of adults who can’t make \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e decisions for themselves (mental capacity). \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The law provides a framework for sports organisations to share concerns they have about \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e adults at risk with the Local Authority. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• The law provides a framework for all organisations to share information and cooperate to \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e protect adults at risk\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eADULT SAFEGUARDING LEGISLATION\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWhilst most children’s needs will be met by their parents and carers, it is acknowledged that participation in sports can support and promote a child’s wellbeing. Government policy in all parts of the UK recognises that sports clubs and their staff and volunteers are often significant role models and trusted people in children’s lives. They are therefore well placed to identify when a child’s wellbeing and health is, or is at risk of, being adversely affected by any matter, and to act in the child’s best interests.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eA wellbeing concern can be identified in different circumstances. For example: \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tA child may reveal that they are worried, anxious or upset about an incident or set of circumstances, either within or outside of athletics\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tYou may have noticed a change in a child’s behaviour, demeanour or developmental progress. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tYou may have concerns about the impact on a child of an incident or set of circumstances, either within or outside of the sport. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tYou may have concerns for a child’s physical or mental health. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThere are of course other factors which can impact on a child’s wellbeing. Government policy and guidance varies across the UK, so please refer to your HCAF’s website for specific welfare and wellbeing guidance.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eCHILD ABUSE\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThere are four well established categories of abuse:\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tPhysical\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tSexual \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tEmotional \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e•\tNeglect.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eDetailed descriptions of the four main categories of abuse, along with information about additional vulnerabilities faced by some children and young people, can be found in Appendix 2.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003ePOLICY REVIEW \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThis policy will be reviewed every two years, or sooner in the event of legislative changes or revisions to related policies and guidelines. \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThis policy should be read in conjunction with the following documents, policies and procedures.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e • Child Safeguarding Procedures (Responding to and managing a concern about a child) \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Club Safeguarding Toolkit\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e • Codes of Conduct\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e • Safe Volunteer Recruitment Procedures\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e • Disciplinary Regulations \u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e• Adult Safeguarding Policy\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e • Adult Safeguarding Procedures (Responding to and managing a concern about an adult).\u003c/p\u003e","ContentConfig":{"Caption":null,"Icon":null,"IconColour":null,"CaptionColour":null,"UnderlineColour":null,"TextColour":null,"PaddingLeft":null,"PaddingTop":null,"PaddingRight":null,"PaddingBottom":null,"FontSize":null,"LineHeight":null,"BottomMargin":0,"PhoneVisible":true,"TabletVisible":true,"DesktopVisible":true},"ComponentCode":null,"ComponentError":null,"BottomMargin":0,"ResponsiveClasses":"","Background":{"Colour":null,"ImageURL":null,"Filter":null,"IsParallax":false,"Image":""},"ImageConfig":{"ImageURL":null,"ObjectFit":"contain","ImageHeight":null,"FrameStyle":null,"BorderRadius":null,"AltText":null,"LinkURL":null,"PaddingLeft":null,"PaddingTop":null,"PaddingRight":null,"PaddingBottom":null,"BottomMargin":0,"PhoneVisible":true,"TabletVisible":true,"DesktopVisible":true}}]}],"ColumnSpacing":0,"BottomMargin":0,"TopPadding":0,"IsFullWidth":false,"IsBackgroundFullWidth":false,"Background":{"Colour":null,"ImageURL":null,"Filter":null,"IsParallax":false,"Image":""}}],"PageURL":"https://www.bracknellac.com/Cms/Spaces/POLICIES/Adult+Safeguarding?version=3","AllVersions":[{"ID":469,"Name":"v1 - Adult Safeguarding - Julian Starkey - 30/04/2022 17:18"},{"ID":470,"Name":"v2 - Adult Safeguarding - Julian Starkey - 30/04/2022 17:30"},{"ID":471,"Name":"v3 - Adult Safeguarding - Julian Starkey - 30/04/2022 17:35"},{"ID":472,"Name":"v4 - Adult Safeguarding - Julian Starkey - DRAFT"}],"Comments":[],"UpdatedComments":[],"Spaces":[],"IsWatching":false,"LastViewTime":null,"CanEdit":false,"CanPublish":false,"CanCopy":false,"CanComment":false,"CanReadComments":false,"CanModerateComments":false,"CanLike":false,"CanWatch":false}